Confectioning, packaging

co-packing, co-manufacturing

We specialize in crafting products for other companies under their own private labels. We formulate recipes in accordance with our clients’ guidelines and select packaging that aligns with the products’ requirements.

We have the capability to prepare products for you from the initial concept stage, recipe development, manufacturing, all the way to assembling and packaging the final goods. Additionally, we offer the option to repackage pre-existing products. All our services are tailored to cater to the unique needs of our clients.


for who we packing

Our packaging



Pouches, double pouches,
irregular pouches,
triple pouches.

Packaging that works best for single-use products. A popular method for selling samples or cosmetics with a short shelf life after opening. We also package powders, dietary supplements, as well as tablets and capsules in pouches.more »


Wet wipes,
individual packets and bundled packages,
wet wipes

Convenient for travel and daily use. We provide our customers with the opportunity to package their products in wet wipes by tailoring the formulas to the packaging method.more »



Most commonly associated with the food industry, but increasingly prevalent in other sectors, these products facilitate convenient and aesthetically pleasing storage of single-use items.more »



Utilized wherever there’s a need to package liquid products, we’re capable of customizing the shape and capacity of doypacks to match our clients’ requirements. This packaging is much more environmentally friendly compared to bottles or tubes.more »


Fiber masks

We manufacture masks utilized in the cosmetic industry, according to our clients’ needs and ensure proper preparation for transportation and sale.more »



Packaging designed for the sale of single-use liquid products. They can take on various forms based on client requirements. Featuring easy opening and an elegant design.more »

10 years

in the market

With a decade of industry presence, our extensive experience spans the domains of manufacturing household chemicals, cosmetics, and the packaging sector.

We guarantee

the highest quality

Our repertoire encompasses wet wipes, powders, granules, creams, liquids, pastes, perfumes, and even multi-layer substances. These desired items find their perfect home within bottles, tubes, pouches, jars, doypacks, atomizers, and cardboard boxes.

Moreover, our co-packing services extend to inserting samples and bonuses into the packaging of other products, crafting multipacks, and assembling sets featuring an array of items. The end result?

A meticulously prepared product poised for market.

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